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Hello Beauty FULL Hearts!

We have moved into the month of April which is a 4 month that represents UNITE. Today there is a FULL ON Push for ALL Souls to get in gear and move. We are "washing" our hands of what has been and being strongly moved in the direction of "Meant 2 B".

This is a time of great purging. EVERYONE is Feeling it. It is a Time to BE really present to what is "coming up for you" in the way of thoughts, situations and feelings and particularly how your body is speaking to you. Everything of the illusion is up for review and must be processed. Checking in with SELF moment to moment, moving through the CORE 4 Emotions, and the dissolving of old beliefs and stories are essential. Do yourSELF a favor and take TIME to BE with YOU and process. This is not a time to be preoccupied with the outside world of distraction. Every step you take now will make the rest of the journey of this year . . . May you Bloom the Heart of your Soul

Heart FULLY, ES EMERALD Speaks :)

If you want support moving with the Core 4 Emotions I am Heartfully offering a Free Webinar on navigating the Core 4 Emotions tonight at 7pm cst You can sign up Here

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