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Radiate Health & Beauty From the INside Out!
Isn't it Time for SELF Care to be Your Health Care?
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Welcome to the World of Intelligent Micro Current!

We have chemistry and biology . . . however WE ARE ENERGY!

The body knows how to balance and heal if given the optimal environment - Intelliegent Micro Current Energy provides that environment.

The Intelligent Micro Current Instruments of the the Avazzia Pro Sport 111  provide such energy with feedback to the body as the energy is being received.

These Instruments are a meeting of ancient modalities combined with computerization for time tested results - addressing the body as a whole system

It is non invasive, painless and a natural way to support the body in remembering its wholeness.

                        Wellness is Natural . . . ENERGY IS THE KEY!

An introduction in everyda language.

Taking Micro current to the next 

Level with Consciousness

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EZLIFT Facal Instrument

*Provides a relaxing, nonsurgical face lift

*Tighten the muscles and reduces fine *lines and wrinkles

*Enlivens and energizes the skin

*Repairs the dermal/epidermis of the skin

*Increases elastin and  collagen production

*Repairs age spots

*works with cellulite

*Supports pain elimination
 *Repairs systems
 *Increases Energy
*Decreases inflammation

 *Turns back on the ATP of the cell
*Supports any health condition by  bringing it back "on line"
 *Promotes accelerated healing
*Eliminates Scar tissue

Avazzia Instruments
Anti inflammation effects
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