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Julie Lyden    M E  (MY ESSENCE)   :)

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For the Human's entertainment . . .

I share my Soul's ESSENCE as  a "Soul LIGHT Mentor" that embodies the Divine Child  and  supports the human to let go and merge more fully with their Divine Soul ESSENCE.  My process is centered around the  "CORE 4 EMOTIONS" and working with the Inner Child. I trigger more Remembering through the sharing of the "ESSENCE CLOCK CODES" and Conscious Languaging so people may  Live more Consciously Aware.  All done in space of Divine LOVE, Humor and Fun!

I AM also a joint custodian with my Soul Sister & Mentor of Heart ESSENTIAL Art & Simple Alchemy where we share Remembering's of the Journey HOME through Blog & Facebook posts, audios and Move Ease In to You! (U TUBE)

 All supporting The ART of the HeART  which is  LOVE

                            L iving  O ur  V ery  E SSENCE

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