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As we have passed through the Soulstice, we now are in a Great Soul Time of Change. Everything is BEing counted and watched by the Universe in a a unique Soul Counting way. The planned Ascension is in full swing, and we have entered a whole new level of Sole/Soul commitment to the Remembering and what we said "YES" to before incarnating this lifetime. We all must be Responsible and Response Able for ourselves (our inner world) and our environment (our outer world). The illusion has had its way for eons of time, and with the Light (LOVE IS GROWING HERE TODAY) BEING stronger than ever, the dark (Don't Always Remember Knowing) is Being highlighted - BIG TIME. The question is How will you "BE" in this world and not of it". How will you "BE . . . the Change"? Much is being decided through this summer Time and it will affect us all. Let us all commit to Sole/Soul Truth and stay focused and committed to the TRUTH. However, the Truth is not always pretty - mostly the Truth brings up feeling which brings up the emotions of the CORE 4 .

We must be diligent in taking Responsibility for how we feel, go INside and clear the triggers (where we got caught in the illusion) and Come back to LOVE (Living Our Very ESSENCE).

Magenta EXPRESS Shares a strong message from the Universe in this UTUBE

Please share and take action!

Blessed BE the ONE Remembering!

Heart FULLY, Julie AKA EMERALD Speaks :)

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