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I felt inspired to share today after the HUGE movement of energy we went through in a 3 wave blast yesterday . . .

Most importantly EVERYTHING HAS MOVED INTO ITS ONLINESS. Breathe into and Remember that . . .

My experience of this is that absolutely EVERYTHING is working in its OWN and is emitting it's ORIGINAL DIVINE ESSENCE frequency. We are now, through our reorganization and rewiring of the brain and pineal matrix (a Big shout out to Mars for it's support!) picking up those frequencies and our Remembering is accelerated. "I just Know!" Is something you may begin to hear from yourself as well as others all around you even those who you do not believe are yet "awake". In this NOW moment of what we perceive as "Time" the quieter and still we are and the more we are aware of US the louder these transmissions will be. Prepare yourSELF to experience MIRACLES for they will be our new normal.

I have also included a link to an interview I did recently . . . You can view it HERE

You can stay aware of the UP coming Energies by suscribing to our Monthly Energy 4CAST and Next LEVEL

Blessings to all Hearts that have come to Earth to shift and Remember at this TIME!

Heart FULLY, ~ ES EMERALD Speaks :)

#EMERALDSpeaks #Onliness #PinealMatrix #Ascentsion

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