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The Force of 2's Are Here!

Hello Beautiful HEART Family!

I have felt inspired to share about today's energy. We have an alignment of 2-22-2019. That's a lot of 2's!!!!!

The Clear and Clear (both ways) are amplifying greatly Now. It is becoming ESSENTIAL to stay in this NOW Moment and notice what is a rising within us and around us. Everything that is front of us is there to bring us to a (K)new level of CLEAR!

When we are present with our now, solidly grounded and present, we can be in full communication with our body that is working hard for us to give us signals of unconscious beliefs through The CORE 4 Emotions. That is how come it is sooooo

important to master them. Tuning into each one, feeling them fully and seeing what belief it came to uncover is paramount at this time. The great purge is on and our bodies are leading this!

If you are not familiar with the Core 4 Emotions, I have done videos with my Soul Sister Melissa, where we share how to navigate them and exercises in feeling them. I would highly recommend to get familiar with them because they are not going away-however, we are shifting our relationship with them. No longer will they be viewed as something that is "in the way". Instead they will be experienced "as the way through". Mastery is key here.

Remember, the emotions are the way of clearing the Heart and that is how our Soul's energy is able to EMBODY this human experience. We are at a grand doorway . . . you can choose to step through or be pushed through. I choose step!

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Living Our Very ESSENCE

Heart FULLY, Julie AKA ES EMERALD Speaks :)

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