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Hello Beautiful HEARTS!

We have crossed a major passage as we are nearly half way through this month we call February. In this month of 2 which is bringing EVERYTHING CLEAR AND CLEAR to ALL of US! More and more we are embodying our Soul/ESSENCE Engergy in our physicality. Our human must yield to the illusion it has played in for eons and merge with the whole of who we are.

Today, February 14th, 2019 is a Day we celebrate the Heart. This CLEAAAAAR Advancing Day will push many into their HEARTS quite unexpectedly and if not comfortable and emotionally adept with emotional energy - it may feel quite harsh and be projected unto their external reality instead of receiving it as a gift to go INside and f e e l and release old trapped emotions that kept them "thinking" they were separate.

The CORE 4 EMOTIONS are your Best Friend at this TIME! Supporting you in letting go of old, seeing clearly what IS and moving you DEEPLY into MEANT 2 B.

My INvitation to you this day, is to take TIME for YOU and create a LOVE AFFAIR with ALL of YOU like never before. Buy yourself flowers, give yourself chocolates, go see a moving that brings you JOY, take yourself on a date amd LOVE YOU!

I am sending you ALL a HUGGGGGE HEART HUG as we are all ONE! AS ONE RISES WE ALL DO!!!!!

Check out the Soul Alignment & Heart First Living ongoing program for 2019 if you want to commit to LIVING in a KNEW HEART Felt Way!

Heart Blessings to you ALL!!!!!

EMERALD Speaks aka ES

EMERALD Speaks aka Watch

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