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Post Birthday Reflections


I felt inspired to share with you all some post Birthday reflections. First, I want to thank everyone for the well wishes. It warmed my Heart and my Soul!

As I reflected on what "Birthday" means I really became aware that every day is a "Birth" Day. In the dictionary, one of the definitions states a Birthday is "the anniversary of something starting or being founded". We all have an opportunity to "Birth ourSELVES a Knew each and every day - and that is exactly what I am experiencing not only with myself but everyone around me as well. We are being pushed like no other TIME to shift, let go and Remember. To the extent people are being resistant to this Known process, is to the extent they are experiencing pain in their life. As we all continue to clear, let go and Remember what the TRUTH really is - we are continually coming back HOME to ourSELVES and the TRUE US. May this be a BEAUTY FULL Birthday Time for YOU no matter when you were actually born! May we RISE as ONE!

Joy to the Journey HOME!

LOVE & Blessings to you ALL,


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