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Own it  Build it Use it!

In these changing times with ESSENCE as the helm, we are all being called to once again get comfortable with owning our own personal POWER.  We have all experienced power over and power under - It is now TIME to Remember Power With!

You can not force Power - you can only invite it

You can not access your Power if you don't

                                                             Respect it

                                                                Value it

                                                                    Gather it

This is an invitation to Truly gain mastery with your Power once again by using 

Simple Alchemy exercises to move energy in the physical, emotional and Spiritual bodies so they may once again BE as ONE.

This program runs for 12 months, however, it does not matter if you begin in January.   Begin wherever you are!

There are 3 different Levels to say "Yes"  to Owning Your Power

Level 1   Monthly Exercises ($15/month  12 month commitment)

This will open your remembrance of Power through simple but powerful exercises and suggestions to move energy in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Every 6 weeks  you will be anchoring a (k)new concept of Power . . . each building on the previous.

Level 2  Monthly Exercises + E-Book ($33/month 12 month commitment)

This will have all the benefits of Level one, AND you will have the added support of the E Book.  In this book, you will dive deeper into the concept and remembering of your inherent Power and have even more tools and exercises so you can unlock and stabilize Your Power to live it every moment!  This will require you to say "yes" to a whole new level of commitment.  With the anchoring of each (k)new concept of Power, you truly will be building a solid foundation to remember the essence of your True Nature. You must have a solid foundation in order to move fluidly with the entering energies and simultaneously anchor your own.  You will be emailed a concept from the book every 6 weeks for 12 months to ensure ample time to "lock in" the concept before moving to the next. 

P ersonally

O wning


E verything


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