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January Summary

Hello Heart LIGHTS!

WOW! What a month it has been! So much has been put into motion it is hard to track! 2018 is proving to occur at warp speed and yet it seems as if Time stands still! So much is being reshuffled around and reorganized as to how we are perceiving our day to day reality. With the energy of denial gone (it left of 11-11-17) and distraction dead (1-8-17) and the energy of control having up and left on (1-19-18) we are experiencing the energy of illusion being slice away right before our eyes! For those of us Remembering and consciously and doing our inner work we say . . .Hurray!!! For those around us just waking up or still not having Remembered it may be experienced as fear. Now more than ever is it Essential to be diligent to the CORE 4 Emotions. That is how we can stay neutral to others' reactions and stay centered in our BEing.

More and more we see clearly Truth and move through our feelings about it so we are able to be clear how we choose to navigate the situation from Heart Centered Remembering. Centered in SELF we work with only TRUTH letting all past patterns, beliefs and behaviors go that were put into place to avoid feeling.

This Remembering process begins as things and TRUTHS are brought to us ~ so the Remembering may RISE withIN us. Not the other way around. That's why things don't make sense originally, however as we allow the Remembering to Rise IN us we are able to assimilate and more clearly see what it means. This is a HEART ONLY exercise . . . the head can not be involved. We know when

we are in that space because things flow effortlessly. Remember Heart Way not hard way!

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To deepen the Remembering we are offering the NEXT LEVEL Ascension audio newsletter. This will be at least 2 updates throughout the month with more details surrounding the deep Remembering. If you feel it you may sign up Here

May your continued journey be one of Remembering what this Time is for.


Heart Fully, EMERALD Speaks (ES)

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